About Archie Moyo

Startup Peer Educator, Social Media Manager and Trainer

Archie Moyo (Archibald Ronald Moyo), is a tech-loving business junkie. Business Management graduate with an inclination towards strategic and operations management.  Not the biggest fan of School but a big fan of learning and continuously improving. So join the self-improvement journey with the hashtag #kaizenYOU

My interest lies in Strategic Management, Change Management and Information Technology. I was part of the founding and design team on the Olova Music App project, one of Zimbabwe’s first music apps and the first to allow users an option to make music purchases via Ecocash and Telecash.

I have been engaged in Strategic Management Consultancy, Administrative consultancy as well as Social Media Management and Marketing with some big as well well small but innovative organizations. You can see some of the organizations I have worked with here. Teaching myself the way around SEO and Big Data; getting there fast! I have worked with other Startups and Startup hubs; I love watching startups do better, their stories of growth and overcoming challenges inspires me to do more and to share more. I want to share the stories of startups that are doing it right because I care about Startups and their future in Africa.

So please click on any of the tabs above and read an article or two, or all of them and then share some.

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Archibald Ronald Moyo


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