How to Swipe into Ecocash from ANY Bank Account (Barclays |Standard Charted)


While most of the economy in Zimbabwe has learned that the most convenient way to transact nowadays is through Ecocash some banks are still rigid. A good number of Zimbabwean banks are now linked to Ecocash (or at least offer the service) and this makes it easy to move money to Ecocash from your bank and then make payments in those downtown shops. Unfortunately due to the passive resistance that some banks do when it comes to bank – ecocash linking, sometimes it takes forever to get on board. You’ll find your bank telling you that you’re on a waiting list for the link-to-Ecocash service, or that they lost your application or that Ecocash is delaying. Well, all that doesn’t matter anymore, you can now Swipe into your Ecocash account from any bank account. Barclays and Standard Bank, problem solved! (Happy dance time)

Ecocash tweeted about their potentially exciting new service after they launched it this morning:

So while the other banks were being difficult for one reason or another, Ecocash has found a way to make sure that their customers still get the convenience that other bankers get. I wonder if this will motivate these banks to integrate with Ecocash in the near future.

I don’t know about you but my best friend is one of those guys who always made sure I know that he has a standard Charted bank account and cash isn’t really a problem for them. It gets really entertaining when it’s now a case of him trying to make an Ecocash payment but all his money is in the bank. The conversation would always end with a Zipit transaction to my account while I Ecocash him. Problem is that somehow in this cases it always takes forever for the Zipit transaction instead of the seconds it takes in other cases. Are these boujee bank accounts also anti-Zipit?

How to Swipe into Ecocash from Any Bank

It seems the process is fairly easy. The starting point is that Ecocash agents are going to be given POS (Point-of-Sale/Swipe) machines and the rest is simple. Below is an excerpt from the Ecocash website on How to Swipe into Ecocash


I admit that I don’t think there a lot of people who will benefit from this because their banks do not allow for banking service integrations with Ecocash. I’m sure even bankers with linked accounts can benefit from this when the banking services are down on their bank but the system is allowing for swiping. So one can easily just swipe into their Ecocash accounts.

Ecocash and their desire to be at every point of our daily living can sometimes get scary. I usually calm down because I benefit from most of the services. These guys are sometimes the guardians of the belief in continuous improvement. #kaizenYOU

Answers to Questions on How to Swipe into Ecocash

As a follow-up to their article about how to swipe into Ecocash, Techzim went on to put together a list of potential questions you may have and the answers:

QUESTION 1. Can I swipe with any bank card?

You can swipe with any ZimSwitch enabled card as long as it’s a Steward Bank POS machine.

QUESTION 2. Am I limited to the amount which I can swipe?

You can swipe $2000 per transaction. However, the number of swipes and limits depend on your banks’ terms and conditions.

QUESTION 3. Can I swipe into another person’s EcoCash line?

You can only swipe into your own EcoCash account.

Question 4. What PIN do I use to complete the transaction?

You use your bank card’s pin code to complete the transaction.

Question 5. Can I transact at any supermarket’s POS?

Swipe into EcoCash will be available at selected merchants and agents.

Question 6. Will all Agents and Merchants be Swipe to Cash In Agents?

A list of activated Agents and Merchants will be provided.

Question 7. My bank is not linked to EcoCash, can I also Swipe into EcoCash?

If your bank card is ZimSwitch enabled, it will be possible to swipe to cash in.

Question 8. Can I Swipe into EcoCash if I do not have an Econet line or EcoCash account?

This service is limited to EcoCash customers with ZimSwitch bank cards only.

Question 9. Can I Swipe into EcoCash outside the country?

No, service is only available to Steward Bank POS devices upon launch.

Question 10. What do I do if I do not get a notification?

You can call 114 and log your request with our EcoCash customer care team, they will track it for you.


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