How To Flourish In Bidding Wars Facebook Groups

One of the best things to happen to most people this year would have to be the creation of the different bidding wars groups. So typically a member will post a product in a group (new or pre-loved) and will set a starting bid price and a closing bid date. Whoever has the highest bid when the bid closes wins the item, pays for it and collects. Everyone wants to know how to flourish in bidding wars groups because these groups are perfect for getting the best price for something you have and they have helped people find the gems they have been looking for.

The bidding pages in truth are very similar to local Zimbabwean classifieds sites that we already have in that you can sell new or used items. The reason why these groups have had more mileage though is that:

  1. The groups are on Facebook. We Zimbabweans will starve as long as we can have access to our facebook. We know this because when a data price floor was introduced early this year Zimbos complained until data prices were restored. A week late tax was introduced on rice, meat and other basic goods and we didn’t even complain. Zimbabweans already spend lots of time on Facebook and not too many have data that goes outside of Facebook. These groups make it easy to sell to these people online.
  2. We can Bid. I won’t lie, online classifieds sites are very useful. For the greater part, they make it easy to reach our audiences and provide these awesome selling and advertising platforms. They, unfortunately, don’t have bidding functionality that the average money loving Zimbo will fall in love with. I mean her, this is a chance to actually get more than I had bargained for so why not?

How To Flourish As Buyers

Follow the rules

  Each of these bidding groups has a set of rules that are set and are usually on the landing page when you join the group. Most of the rules are pretty simple in most cases, bordering around common courtesy and being morally upright. A piece of Cake.

Following Posts Silently

If you’re like me you absolutely hate it when someone comes into your inbox and starts asking you why you are following certain posts. I then found out there’s a way to follow a post without putting a comment (and announcing to the world); all you have to do is select options button on the post and select turn on notifications. The options button is three dots on the top right-hand side of any post.

This usually helps you because not too many of your friends (who could become bidding competitors) will see that you are interested in it.

Set Alarms

 There’s nothing worse than remembering at 09:01 that you were bidding on a bid that was closing at 9am. I typically set my alarms for ten minutes before closing time then its Game on!

Don’t Default On the bid

I know it’s very easy to get caught in the bidding when your adrenaline takes over in those last few minutes of a bid. in any case, do not bid amounts you cannot afford. It’s also key to remember that most of the things you will see for sale are voetstoots (at the buyer’s risk). This means when you bid for something you need to understand what you are bidding for; ask all the necessary questions to avoid disappointments. Do not forget that defaulters are at risk of removal from the groups.

How To Flourish As Sellers

Clear Pictures

Make sure that you put clear pictures and include as much detail about the product as you can to reduce the possibility of the comment section filling up with questions instead of bids. The clearer the pictures the more likely members are to bid to the end. They have come to Bid, give them a great product.

Start Low

The concept of bidding is one that gets people involved and hooked. Very often I have noticed that the products that start as low as $1 usually make it to waaaay above their worth. I think it’s because psychologically you have gotten people engaged, a war of wills and who can type faster between 12:00 and 12:01 ensues. you should take advantage of the fact that people actually get addicted to bidding and winning! Auctions are always a bit of a gamble and these are not different. When most of us are selling we are scared we won’t get our value for the product and tend to either start high or at the actual amount you want the product.  While this works you are taking away the bidding element.



Whoever brought the concept of biding groups to the Zimbabwe Facebook community surely did a good thing. Hoarders are making money of dusty goods their children didn’t even know where in the house and trinkets are coming out. I have found it to be a great place for the collector and young people trying to stock up on home goods on a budget. Let us all enjoy these platforms. I feel they will open Zimbabweans up t the concept of e-commerce and our various online stores and marketplaces can benefit from that. #kaizenYOU



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