Kwese Returns – Again (We hope for Good)

Like a cockroach infestation, you can’t get rid of Kwese it seems. I bet you BAZ is kicking themselves now that the High Court has ruled in favour of Kwese selling the service arguing that DR Dish’s licence is still valid. So while we wait for the Supreme court to pass a ruling it seems that the song on everyone’s lips is that Kwese returns! The hope will now be that it’s for more than a week. We haven’t seen anything regarding this from official Econet sources but Techzim and Pindula have run the stories already.

Update: The Econet Facebook page has now posted about the Return of Kwese so this means that it’s really game time.

Kwese Returns – What does it mean?

This I guess means everyone with the decoder already will have their viewing restored. Kwese TV decoders were currently only showing a free channel while the suspension was on. Kwese had been suspended after the Broadcasting Association of Zimbabwe (BAZ) appealed the earlier High court ruling and went to the Supreme Court You can read what Techzim put on their site regarding Kwese below:

So the High Court has permitted Dr Dish to continue selling Kwese. Remember the story was that they could not sell the service because the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe had gone to the Supreme Court to contest the earlier ruling by the High Court that confirmed that Dr Dish still had a valid license to sell Kwese.

BAZ then went to the Supreme Couret to contest the ruling. Legally Dr Dish had to wait to sell Kwese until the Supreme Court decides. So what did they do? They filed an urgent application at the High Court to be permitted to sell the service in the meantime until the appeal case is decided on.

Most people are tired of the back and forth and will be hoping for a swift and favourable ruling on this Kwese Matter. This is a perfect time to see if the DSTV lite has had an impact on the market or if people really don’t care and want Kwese now.

This is not a bad time to read our article on how to Get Kwese to your home


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