Cabbana- The new Online Shopping Marketplace set to launch in Zimbabwe

The online classifieds space in Zimbabwe is one that has been a growing favourite for startups and existing businesses alike. This is obviously because they look at Zimbabweans going crazy about WhatsApp capable devices and understand how much of an opportunity that presents for other online based businesses. It’s at this time that, Cabbana, a new online shopping marketplace has decided to launch. It’s a race to give the best Marketplace with a fully functional user experience.

A quick google search for Zimbabwe Online stores will have you looking at a spectrum that spans from Classifieds Zimbabwe on one end and sites like Ownai, and then Buydirect and Hammer & Tongues Online Shopping Mall. I am a fan of startups that come to disrupt and improve a market and though it’s still early days, I have a feeling that’s exactly what has come to do. The new online shopping marketplace is launching soon in Zimbabwe.

Below is the official Press statement from the Cabbana team

What is Cabbana?
Cabbana means a great experience. With this name, the site boasts a beautiful user experience and design. It is an online shopping marketplace which was created for the people of Zimbabwe to enjoy shopping from the comfort of their own home, And yes you don’t have to lift a foot or get off your comfy couch, except to the click of a finger. It was built for you!
Not only that but also for small businesses and individuals to reach new customers and make more sales, it also gives a chance to vehicle owners to have a delivery business also. In the wake of a job crisis in Zimbabwe Cabbana will definitely employ lots of people.

Source: 2017

How can I enjoy using Cabbana?
The user experience is threefold. One can become a seller (this is for both shops and individuals) by signing up on the platform as of today. One can also become a delivery driver for Cabbana by also registering on the official website (for this one you are required to provide some documents to be verified so take note of the requirements).

What to expect…
On this platform you get to enjoy an easy to use interface with very accessible buttons and easy on the eyes display. Everything is just by the click of a button. Boasting a cool and modern design, you can shop for your favorite items from clothes to shoes, jewelry, watches, bracelets, necklaces, wallets, including bags, satchels ladies handbags, ladies clutches and purses, travel bags, hair and beauty products and also baby clothes. Anything in the fashion and clothing industry you will be able to find it on this platform.

Registration Is Easy.
If you meet all the requirements, such as having your identification documents photo or scans – either your Passport or Local ID Card, you can register as a seller in less than 3 minutes.
Also, you can register as a delivery driver if you have your own vehicle or motorbike. That means businesses can actually register themselves as the delivery personnel, however, Cabbana will manage everything on this end of the business. Sellers have a dashboard to manage orders and delivery drivers have their own platform to process deliveries from.

When am I going to start shopping?
For those of you who say “I can’t wait!”. Here’s the secret unveiled. The Cabbana Team promise to launch before the end of October 2017. Therefore you can be sure that you will find something to buy by then or at least enjoy browsing the cool shopping site. All we have been told is that as a seller you better have stock, because it is going to go “gangbusters!”.

Cabbana is an opportunity one should not miss and one for all to experience and as their brand logo reads, ‘EXPERIENCE IT’. Go ahead and register as a seller, become a delivery driver, or simply wait to shop by end of October. You can visit the Cabbana online shopping marketplace website at

To contact cabbana team, call or whatsapp on +263772467352 or send an email to

Who’s to know what will be coming from this team. What we know for sure is that energy behind the Cabbana team will definitely seep into the market. Will this be the platform that grows to become synonymous with Online Shopping? While you start deciding what to sell or Buy on the Cabbana Online shopping go on and read our article on How to sell better on classifieds sites. After all, the goal here is to continuously improve. #kaizenYou


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