How To Sell better on Classifieds sites – The 2017 Zimbabwean Guide

What are classifieds sites? This usually refers to sites that allow for buyers and sellers to converge forming a sort of meeting ground. It’s like your digital marketplace. The sites are usually free for both sellers and buyers to engage for their purposes although most sites usually move to a freemium model for the sellers. The freemium model means the basic functionality is free and just about everything can be done for free but additional services or features can be obtained for a fee. After looking for items online I decided to make this selling better on Zimbabwean classifieds sites guide. We all want to use the classifieds sites and use them well.

E-commerce (buying and selling online) hasn’t really taken off for a few reasons in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe environment hasn’t been the friendliest places for the model but the biggest reason is that people are cynical towards doing business online. They have security and functionality worries: Will it work? Will I get my goods? Isn’t this a con? So the best way to increase sales on online classifieds or any other online platforms in Zimbabwe depends highly on one’s ability to reduce the scepticism. Already because of negativity, most people are of the view that classifieds sites do not work for sellers. I have described a few areas that can help with letting you know what to do to increase your chances of increased sales.

Awesome Headline

This is the title of your advert. Make sure it is catchy and lures a would-be customer to at least open your ad. It shouldn’t be misleading though, misleading adverts and headlines reduce the credibility of the site and reduce chances of business for everyone.

Good Images

On the internet, we are all visual creatures. What catches our eye is purely aesthetic. I have no way of being guaranteed functionality while I’m on the internet for that product you have in your store or garage so please make sure you get very good pictures. It’s best to take the pictures in a place with high natural lighting as everything looks good in natural light.

Which one if any of these images would prompt you to make a purchase? Internet pictures (downloaded images) usually look really good and have potential to be eye-catching but they more likely will put doubt in the eyes of the buyer. While the images are good, authenticity becomes an issue.

Clear Description

Describe your products clearly and make sure that all necessary information is included. All products tend to have standard information that people expect to see, With cars, it’s information like mileage or when it was last registered; with apartments, people usually want to know if there is a deposit aspect to the listing. When most people find that an ad has insufficient information, their first instinct is not to call for more information but rather to move on to the next one. I mean, think if it. I really need what I am looking for and there are hundreds of listings to go through, I am not going to stop to make one phone call to get more information.

Give us the Damn Prices

Normally the focus on pricing your products well would be under the Clear Description but we have a slightly different economy. Zimbabweans as said, in the beginning, are already sceptic when it comes to online business. This is because of our dealings with currency changes as well as knowing the general One-Day-Deal nature of Zimbabweans. If you know how much you want for a product then but a price. If you have a range then also put a range and remember to state whether it is negotiable or not. If you are just looking to flip through offers until you get the best one then you should also say so. This will help your potential buyers make the best decisions and not get frustrated.

Honesty is the best policy

It’s very tempting to overvalue your products or to show them in a better light than they are but honesty is key. Dishonest advertisers frustrate potential buyers on the internet and being one of them may negatively affect your future sales. Some classifieds platforms allow for reporting and if users report you as a bad seller that may get your account banned from the service.

Zimbabwean Classifieds sites (In No Particular Order)

Ownai Marketplace

Search Zimbabwe


ZimMarket Classifieds

Zimbabwe Classifieds

Zimpapers Classifieds

Zimfree Ads

Honourable Mention – Harare Bidding Wars – The Facebook Group – Yes this one isn’t a classifieds site but in terms of linking buyers and sellers of both new and used items, no one can argue that they are one of the best at the moment. Being a secret Facebook group you may not find it if you follow the link. Ask around on Facebook and I’m sure someone can add you to the group.

Take advantage of the fact that everyone is on their phone or on their computer on the internet and start buying or selling on the internet as well. Go through the links above, one of them may tickle your fancy and remember to Continuously Improve Yourself #kaizenYOU



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