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Tapiwa Matthew Mutisi

A strong business-customer connect is the key to bringing customer satisfaction, which depends largely on the quality of customer service provided. Self-service solutions like mobile self-care applications are going a long way in improving customer experience. We’re at an awkward inflection point where some companies are doing an amazing job of being on the forefront of customer experience technology, and others are still struggling with the basics. At some point, self-care and customer care applications weren’t that much of a big deal in Zimbabwe. After all, mobile internet wasn’t that prolific. But, things are changing with the increasing access to mobile broadband and a growing appreciation of apps and Econet Wireless is leveraging all the technology at their fingertips to enable customers to use the technology they use daily in their personal lives when dealing with the brand. Econet being a technological innovation powerhouse has yet again led the way in bringing convenience to its customers when it launched its own self-care app called My Econet App. Indeed, Econet is innovating on all sides of the customer equation.

With more customers getting connected with time, the expectations for a better quality service are growing with time. Moreover, with the increasing penetration of smartphones in the market, delivering on-device self-care and self-healing solutions can improve customer satisfaction. Therefore, as an Econet prepaid subscriber downloading My Econet App is choosing to embrace innovation that will bring you convenience, efficiency and getting to enjoy all Econet products services at your fingertips.

My Econet App is available to both Android and iOS operating systems. Again, downloading the app won’t even take much of your data balance, considering the value that this mobile self-care app brings to you, yet it’s merely 5.3 MB in size.


Once you have downloaded My Econet App, whether from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you register your number as illustrated in the picture above. The mobile self-care app is not zero-rated. This app uses data and will allow you to go through a grid made up of tiles that represent different options as illustrated in the pictures below, where you can access products services that pretty much sum up the Econet’s prepaid experience.

My Econet App User Interface


Download the My Econet App and enjoy all Econet products services at your fingertips!

Available for free download at Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

My Econet App Features


As highlighted before, My Econet App is Econet’s selfcare application for Econet’s prepaid subscribers available to Android and other smartphones that will allow you to securely manage your Econet account from your smart device.

As an Econet subscriber, some of the services accessible to you on your fingertips by using the app include:

  • Checking balances;
  • Airtime transfer;
  • Buying bundles for data services;
  • Activating Voicemail & Missed Call Alerts;
  • Over-scratched card redemption;
  • Latest Promotions;
  • Airtime Credit;

Do take note that My Econet App provides many services compared to what is only list above

The Terms and Conditions of using My Econet App have also been included, therefore, for customers it is advisable to read and understand the Terms and Conditions before use so to avoid any sorts of misunderstanding.

Accessing Econet’s online chat on My Econet App is a big deal, not only because self-care apps are supposed to deliver that one major feature, but because for Econet customer care, that appears to be the easiest channel to get help on. Online Live Chat is an extension of social media that gives you, the customer, faster response time as I would want to believe that time is what many customers undeniably think that is the most important thing a brand can do for them: valuing their time, and that is what exactly Econet is valuing – “your time” and improving customer experience with its mobile self-care application – “My Econet App”.

My Econet App Home Page User Interface


Some of the benefits for downloading My Econet App on your smartphone are discussed below:

Immediate Problem Resolution

This is the most compelling of all propositions. When something goes wrong, customers want help immediately, because they are in the process of carrying out some action and then suddenly prevented from carrying it out. In these scenarios, immediate has to mean immediate, the customer needs to be able to resolve the issue within that session – not after 30 minutes of waiting to speak with a live agent, and not within 24 hours via email. Therefore, with a self-healing solution on the user device (My Econet App), as a customer you get your issues resolved in negligible time and this reduces the volume of support calls and this also frees up agents to address critical customer-facing issues, in a timely manner.

Brings Convenience

With multiple support options available today, every customer has a different channel preference. A self-service solution on mobile is one of the most convenient option that most users prefer, as they use their mobile devices for various different tasks. Thus, with such a solution, Econet is making efforts to make the support process easy and convenient for you, the customer. Therefore, download My Econet App and start experiencing the convenience and ease of using the app.

Customer Satisfaction

Delivering support service to customers attracts more loyalty and satisfaction and helps create a better brand value. Customers seek benevolence (do you care about my interests?) from their service providers. Econet being on the forefront of customer experience technology has yet again proven to you, the customer, that it does care about your interests and that includes value your time and problem resolution convenience. What else? That customers are mobile, so should be customer services, hence they saw the need to introduce the mobile self-care application and that should on its own bring satisfaction to you, the customer.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, embrace convenience and download the My Econet app, a self-care application available to all Econet’s prepaid subscribers, today! By downloading the “My Econet App” you’re opening doors to a newer and exciting customer experience that will enable you to enjoy all Econet products services at your fingertips and also be a bearer of Econet’s latest news and promotions to your friends, colleagues and family. Not also forgetting that you are skipping the queue to get assistance by simply using the App, hence in a way Econet showing how much it values your time, experience and satisfaction with a convenient resolution – My Econet App. 

My Econet App Revamping Customer Experience.

Inspired to change your customer experience!

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