Tollgates Go Express! with EcoCash

One of the dilemmas that comes with any plans to go on a road trip is the fact that you have to plan toll fees. This isn’t too bad but the worst thing has been having to make sure that you have cash or a bank card to deal with these payments. Most of the transactions in our economy right now are powered by Ecocash, this means the unavailability of Ecocash payments at tolls has been a bit of an inconvenience. The great news is that today ZINARA and Ecocash launched a partnership for Ecocash payments at toll gates and all I can say is wow! The convenience looks great.

Picture this. You’re driving along the highway and are approaching the tollgate. You don’t have cash but that’s okay because you brought your card. Where is that card anyway? jacket pocket? No. Jeans pocket? No. Glove Compartment? Not there either. Damn! You see your wallet peeping through the space between your seats, reach a hand there to try and pry it out. Why were you born with such fat fingers? You’re at the toll gate now, Cashier is looking at you with that “Cash or Card” look, hand outstretched. You tell him it’s card but you just have to reach for your card. You’re really frustrated now, you open your door and step out; kneeling on the ground you shove your hand other the seat and grab the wretched wallet. Feels like you just spent your whole life at this toll gate.

I learnt about this when I saw this tweet yesteday. This is the alternative:

How it works

  1. You register your vehicle on your Ecocash Account.
  2. Pre – load / Prepay an amount into the Ecocash ZINARA account
  3. Enjoy Express payments at Toll gates. All you have to do is get to the toll and give the cashier your phone number. As long as your vehicle is registered on that phone number the amount is deducted from the account. You don’t have to do anything at all.
How to register you car for ecocash ZINARA payments
This is the detailed way of registering your vehicle for Express Toll gate payments

Which ZINARA Toll Gates Are Taking Ecocash

It seems they haven’t rolled this out to all the toll gates yet but it will be good to be able to pay my toll gate fees this way. Hopefully with the convenience and most probably success this will soon be available at all Toll gates. In classic Ecocash fashion, expect this to be all round you soon.

Which ZINARA toll gates are taking Ecocash

  • Lions Den – Chinhoyi – Karoi Road
  • Mushagashi: Masvingo – Harare Road
  • Naude QuarrySite: Beitbridge – Bulawayo Road
  • Shurugwi: Gweru – Shurugwi Road
  • Sino : Gweru Mvuma Road
  • Skyline: Harare – Masvingo Road
  • Umguza: Bulawayo – Vic Falls Road
  • Shamva: Harare – Mutoko Road
  • Lutumba: Beitbridge – Harare Road
  • Mashava: Masvingo – Zvishavane Road
  • 22 Miles Mutare – Masvingo Road
  • Chivi: Masvingo – Beitbridge Road
  • DEMA: Chitungwiza – Dema Road
  • Esigodini: Bulawayo – Masvingo Road
  • Eskbank: Harare – Mazowe Road
  • Hwange: Bulawayo – Hwange Road
  • Inkomo: Harare – Banket Road


I’m not yet too sure about other aspects of this service like security and other things. So I will be doing more research on this new Ecocash Feature. This is great proof of continuous improvement. #EcoCashZinara #kaizenYou


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