Facebook Continues its SnapChat Feature Raid

Oh my gosh! I did not expect what I met when i was doing my daily Business Insider reading this morning. Facebook has done it again; the CloneWars continue. The funny thing is that most are still getting used to WhatsApp becoming WhatSnapGram (having taken features from SnapChat and Instagram). Unfortunately for SnapChat to seems that Facebook is doing the same. The idea is probably exactly what they achieved with Whatsapp and that is engagement. In the classic Facebook fashion, they are taking it a step further. I swear you’d think you-know-who is bitter that SnapChat wouldn’t sell to him! Thanks to that we have more to learn as Facebook continues their SnapChat feature raid.

SnapChat Feature Raid: The Feature List:

  1. Interactive and Theme – based themes
  2. Stories
  3. Expiring direct messages
  4. Scan-able codes for adding to Messenger

Facebook is updating their camera to take advantage of interactive filters and theme based filters (and they are partnering with movies). They’ve gone as far as a story mode with 24 hours stories and direct messages that disappear after they’ve been read.  The Facebook stories last 10 seconds more than SnapChat stories, which goes both ways. Sometimes 10 seconds feels too short but maybe that’s optimum length since everyone has a short attention span now.The way Facebook has done it means that users of SnapChat definitely won’t get lost around it which is good. I can already picture my mother and my aunts having fun with the filters seeing as they aren’t on SnapChat or Instagram. The foreseeable future seems to have a lot of busy timelines.

Will we enjoy using the new SnapBook? I wonder. give it a go and share your thoughts on it. Will you keep using SnapChat or will your focus move to just Facebook.

Verdict on this SnapChat Feature Raid

It’s honestly still too soon to tell. Mostly because they are still testing this feature. I personally do not use my Facebook in such an interactive manner. What I know is that I definitely never use the Facebook camera.  Will I use it more now that they brought this? I don’t know. When the WhatsApp status stories were introduced I thought I wouldn’t use it much but now i use the feature multiple times daily. It’s early to say whether this is Blunder or Brilliance.


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