Why Chicken Inn Should Stop making Beef Burgers

The reason is quite simple, it’s because they suck at it! It’s official, Chicken Inn doesn’t know how to make a burger, at all! If you want a burger you are better off walking into downtown Harare where the your health may be at risk but the burger tastes bloody delicious. I have now tried the Chicken Inn beef burgers on several occasions from several outlets including Samora & Fifth street, First Street and Fife Avenue Shopping centre.

On all occasions I have purchased the burgers at off peak times when the outlet isn’t busy so I have obviously expected good services. Here’s why you should avoid the Chicken Inn burgers:

  1. They Take Forever to make them. The fist time I ordered I was told it would take 7 minutes. That didn’t seem like a long time to wait for a burger so I waited. 7 turned to 10 then to 15 minutes. What’s worse is I would go to the counter and all I was told is, “it’s not ready” then they always go back to pretending they are busy. No apology. The waiting I didn’t mind, I never go order food when I’m in a hurry. What I did have a problem with was;
  2. The Patty was burnt. After going through the effort of looking for the tiny patty under the lettuce to make sure it’s really there, I found it burnt. On ALL three occasions I found it burnt. I’m now quite sure that Chicken Inn consciously makes an effort to burn the patties. There’s nothing worse than eating what feels like a biltong burger and I have had to have several of those now.
  3. The Baker’s Inn/Fish Inn burgers-to-go Are better. If you are going to find yourself standing looking at the Chicken Inn price list swaying towards the beef burger then STOP. Yes, STOP and walk out. Walk into the nearest Baker’s Inn or Fish and get the while you wait burgers. For one those burgers come faster than 15 minutes. Secondly, those burgers are wonderfully made and come with a great assortment of choices on the sauces, not just a ketchup sachet.

So yeah, It will be a while before I step into a Chicken Inn and especially look at any of their products. While the rest of the world is continuously improving their products and services, Chicken decides to go the other way which is worrying. If you do get to read this and you try their burger and it’s good please let me know which outlet you went to so I can go try it. Thanks for readng. #kaizenYOU



  1. I actually wonder why they even bothered to venture into the Burger market though…haven’t they heard the saying “stick to your knitting?” if you’re good at something, whoopdidoo, maexperiment aya, nah fam!!!also, where there is a chicken inn, there is more than likely a fish inn/bakers inn/steers that offer the good burgers so they can hand it over to the “expects” (lol, did that on purpose)


  2. I’m a little late to the party but I just wanted to say that this is hilarious! And frustrating at the same time. I don’t understand why these companies don’t seem concerned about the consumer. Do they test these products? And how about that customer service eh??! If you don’t want to work there, don’t!


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