TelOne Has ReBranded!!! Wait, What?

So TelOne has rebranded. changes their logo from this

Old TelOne Logo
Old TelOne Logo

to this
telone logo newSo TelOne a week ago announced their rebranding. From their logo I had started to like to a newer fresher, cleaner logo that kinda reminds me of the old Telecel one. Maybe I am being one of those people who have a thing against change but I am not to keen on this idea from them. I feel like the new logo has less character than the original one. of course this being Zimbabwe…we will get used to it and we will forget some self righteous blogger once talked about it.

This is my take rebranding on rebranding of any sort. It is a big thing…the consequences are not minor either. A lot of things will be changing : stationery, uniforms, physical signage, vehicle branding. all this will cost TelOne a lot of money. For what? that silly logo, with no substantial campaign to come with the branding. The only new things that I have heard came with the rebranding are the Wifi hotspots and the Fibre To The Home (FTTH). Before I go to far, what kind of name is that? Fibre To The Home. So this is what TelOne has brought into the fray, a wonderful idea if you had done it first or better…or significantly (read my post on the TelOne Wifi Hotspots).

The TelOne rebranding looks and feels like it was not thought out properly. I would say it was a poorly thought out plan but saying they had a plan would be generous at this point. Looking at the logo itself and how little TelOne have done to support the rebrand, I get the feeling they fell victim to a charismatic ad agency who made their old management feel unprogressive if they did not sign off on a rebrand.

TelOne rebranded and did not talk about it prior to the event, not even a countdown. It must have been a surprise. After the event where the rebrand was launched they went quiet again. How can you rebrand and not push it as an actual Campaign. I mean, who remembers the Telecel “Going Red” Campaign that came with the rebranding exercise they did in 2012? the Campain actually earned Telecel the  first runner-up position for the Marketing Association of Zimbabwe Outstanding Promotional Campaign Award.

I am sure the TelOne rebranding may have gone over a lot of people’s heads…because they have done nothing to promote it or fully promote the new services that came with your rebranding. I seriously doubt that logos on uniforms, stationery, signage or cars will be changing this year given the lack of a media campaign on the rebrand. This rebrand has just as much potential as the PowerTel one, and that is saying a lot.

I mean, whoever advised them to rebrand surely must have told them that spam posting is not a campaign either. I am really looking forward to seeing this Rebrand everywhere I go.

Telone here is a hint. Better service, not different logos…we still know it’s you!


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